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about me

name: /dev/urandom (or dev for short, sometimes rnd)

date of birth: june 1993

gender: no idea, think i might have lost it a few years ago

job: programmer

tech: i’m mostly a computing and retro software/gaming dork. i am kind of a linux/open-source fan, although i try not to be a jerk about it as some do. i occasionally code something in C or C++ in my personal time.

politics: i’m somewhere in the middle between progressive liberalism, social democracy and libertarian socialism. i try to appreciate different people’s approaches to improving their societies, even if i disagree about the details. having said that, i do not have any love for fascists, reactionaries, social conservatives or bigots of any kind, as well as any viewpoint that values ideology over actually solving problems.

religion: i am an agnostic/atheist, but i try to respect other people’s religious or spiritual beliefs (as long as these beliefs don’t infringe on other people’s freedoms or aren’t enforced on others politically or socially).