rnd's website logotoki pona course credits and acknowledgments

Here is a list of all the people who have since contributed to this toki pona course:

  • jan Inkepa -- suggested fixes for pages 9,10,11,12 and additional examples for page 10

  • jan Sose (u/Dhwtyhotep) for submitting a version of page 0 in Mandarin Chinese

  • Harrison (@hpincket on GitLab) for fixing a typo on page 6

  • LesVisages on GitLab for fixing another typo on page 6

  • jan Tepan (Stephan Schneider) for suggesting a grammar fix on the chess page and submitting a pull request that fixed typos on several pages

  • Ret Samys / jan Ke Tami for suggesting to add links to lessons for every word on the dictionary pages (de/en/ru)

  • jan Sonja (Sonja Lang) for, well, creating toki pona itself, as well as suggesting important changes to pages 0, 4 and x1.

Special thanks:

  • jan Misali (Mitch Halley) for creating the "Conlang Critic" web series, from which I discovered toki pona

  • the participants of the ma pona pi toki pona Discord server and the toki pona Telegram group

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