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page 1

  • soweli li suli.
  • ona li lili.
  • mi suli.
  • ona li soweli.
  • sina ike.

page 2

  • My wife is good.
  • Your husband is (big/important).
  • My dad is strong.
  • All animals are good.
  • Fruits are important food.
  • meli mi li suwi.
  • jan utala ale li ike.
  • jan pona mi li jan pona sina.
  • jan lili mije sina li wawa.
  • kili lili li suwi.

page 3

  • A child is crying (emitting eye water).
  • (He/she/they) look at a document.
  • The bad animal is attacking a woman.
  • The warrior is eating a big (fruit/vegetable/mushroom).
  • Little animals are drinking water.
  • I am (watering/cleaning) something big.
  • ona li olin e jan ale.
  • tomo telo li pona.
  • mi pana e lipu.
  • jan utala ike li lukin e tomo sina.
  • ilo mi li pali pona.

page 4

  • I don't eat animals (i.e. meat).
  • Your friend is talking about the land and the water.
  • An important person is looking at the city and writing things down.
  • The land has weeds ("bad plants").
  • Small bugs are important and good.
  • ma tomo sina li jo ala e jan pali.
  • mije mi li pali ala, li moku, li utala.
  • ma mama mi li suli.
  • sitelen sina li pona lukin.
  • jan pona mi li jo e kala e kili li pali e moku pona.

page 5

  • Your community is very different.
  • A bad person broke my tools.
  • I built this house.
  • The good warriors protect this community.
  • The large community endures and grows itself.
  • moku seli li pona mute.
  • jan lili lape li kalama ala.
  • jan pali mute li toki e ni: ona li wawa, li kiwen.
  • sina ante lukin.
  • tomo ni li awen e seli.

page 6

  • They are speaking to their father on a phone.
  • I don't like sweet food / Sweet food is bad for me.
  • My homeland is fighting (against) a neighboring country.
  • Your sister is my friend.
  • A small bug is on your face.
  • sina pakala e tomo tawa mi.
  • (jan) mije li pana e moku tawa jan lili.
  • tomo toki ni li ike tawa mi.
  • mi pona e tomo tan sina.
  • ona li lukin e lipu lon tomo lipu.

page 7

  • Don't eat this fruit/vegetable/mushroom, Lisa!
  • The Kansas team defeated all other teams.
  • Don't think that workers are lowly before the leaders.
  • Why did you do this?
  • My (stomach / internal organs) are hurt. Help me!
  • mi toki insa e ni: jan sewi li lon ala.
  • o kalama ala lon tomo lipu.
  • jan lawa mi li toki e ni: o lape ala lon tomo pali.
  • jan sama mije sina li sama mute lukin sina.
  • o tawa ala lon ma.

page 8

  • I like the color red.
  • Give me the yellow juice.
  • I like how your flowers look.
  • I don't drink alcohol.
  • Don't kill them!
  • tomo sina li suli. tomo mi li lili.
  • kasi kule laso li pona mute tawa mi. kasi kule loje li pona lili tawa mi.
  • jaki a! moku ni li ike mute a!
  • mi lon tomo loje.
  • jan nasa li kute ala e mi.

page 9

  • I don't like communities with lots of people.
  • In this house, I speak toki pona and English.
  • If you eat raw meat, it will be bad for your body.
  • Their music ("entertaining sounds") is very good.
  • If you misuse ("use badly") the tools, they will break ("be broken").
  • sewi laso li pona mute tawa mi. sewi pi pimeja walo li pona lili tawa mi.
  • sewi li pimeja la o awen lon tomo.
  • ona li lon tomo pi telo nasa.
  • jan pi kalama suli li toki e ijo nasa.
  • meli ni pi linja walo li pona lukin.
  • sina toki ala tawa jan la sina jo ala e jan pona.

page 10

  • Open the door.
  • In a moment, I'll head towards you.
  • I want to go to other countries.
  • Can you come to my house?
  • If you're coming to my house, use Lincoln Street.
  • If you're on a hill, you can see many things.
  • sina sona ala sona pali e ona? / sina sona pali e ona anu seme?
  • ale li ken.
  • sina ken ala ken open e lupa? / sina ken open e lupa anu seme?
  • sina kute ala e jan sona la pali sina li ike.
  • tenpo suli la mi pali e ni. / mi pali e ni lon tenpo suli.
  • mi awen kama sona e toki pona.

page 11

  • I would like to trade these three large animals.
  • Yesterday, I was in school/college/university ("house of knowledge").
  • One month ago, it was cold.
  • I like you the most.
  • The rain continued for 40 days.
  • mi lon tomo nanpa mute luka tu pi nasin Wasintan.
  • ilo pi sitelen tawa li toki e ni: tenpo suno kama la suno li lon.
  • tenpo pimeja ni la lete li lon.
  • (tenpo mun / tenpo sike mun) nanpa luka li (pona / suwi).
  • sina jo e ilo mute pi kalama musi a!

page 12

  • If you want to learn toki pona, the official book is the best way to do so.
  • Today I feel very good.
  • Would you want to eat some pizza?
  • My bed ("sleeping surface") is broken. I can't sleep because of it.
  • Marie Kondo says: get rid of unnecessary things.
  • There are three types of matter. These are: solids, liquids and gases.
  • But the princess is in another castle.
  • mi lukin e akesi seli laso suli a!
  • toki! sina pilin seme?
  • jan alasa li pana e moku soweli mute e kili mute tawa mi mute.
  • mi lukin e lipu. tenpo lili la ona li pini.
  • mi ken toki pi pona mute kepeken toki pona.

the sitelen pona page

This part of this document is written using sitelen pona. Can you understand it?

toki pona has a small number of words. Because of this, it's possible to make a writing system where one character means one word, but all characters look related to their meanings.

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