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Probably one of my biggest pet peeves regarding Russian politics is whenever Vladimir Putin goes out on one of those international forums and starts saying that liberal democracy is past due or something like that. And, as someone who's sympathetic to a lot of leftist ideas, I can kinda understand why people have issues with it.

The way I see it, there are three different arguments people can make when criticizing liberal democracy as it's implemented in the "Western world":

  • if a democratic nation's economic system relies on private property and free enterprise, it is vulnerable to lobbying, regulatory capture and other techniques used by wealthy interests to weaken government regulations. this leads to the state failing as it becomes less and less able to function.

  • democratic states can be slow to react to crises, where the ability to make quick decisions should not be restrained by the mechanisms of democracy or the public opinion's response.

  • and the third argument is the argument that the actual existence of civil rights and liberties, of tolerance towards racial, sexual or religious minorities is a problem -- whether by "weakening national unity", by preventing decisive actions against purported evildoers (as seen in arguments in favor of surveillance and torture) or, as

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