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The "kink at pride" discourse (basic question: "Should LGBT pride events feature people in costumes that, while not inherently pornographic, are still considered inappropriate for children?") that was happening on social media made me think about the overall situation with how modern societies treat "not safe for work" or "sexual" content.

By which I mean, platforms where people can make money are usually either ones where NSFW content is not allowed or strictly regulated, or ones where it's the only thing that exists. Even on platforms where it's already possible to restrict content to only 18+ viewers, pornographic or sexual content is not welcomed.

And this is not even talking about how, for many people, even wholesome LGBT expression is treated as more inappropriate or sexual than similar heterosexual content -- even in places where homophobia is discouraged.

Same goes in the real world -- whereas there are a ton of spaces where you need to be 18+, whenever sexuality enters the picture, everyone suddenly gets shocked, and a lot of people get even more shocked when non-heterosexual relationships are involved.

Basically, what I'm trying to say if: I hope for a world where sex work is treated the same as any other kind of work that you need to be 18+ to do or to be serviced. I want to have a world where you don't need separate platforms for NSFW streaming or video making, and where the distinction between "porn" and "not porn" is not as strict -- especially since it seems that whenever platforms do try and make a strict distinction, they always end up overestimating what counts as "porn". I hope for a world where a streamer can, for example, decide to stream themselves playing a video game while naked, and (with the appropriate limits on who can view it) do it on the same platform as everyone else, without instead being forced onto a porn-specific platform with a different community and different expectations. I hope for a world where a person can be sexually open without that also disqualifying their other qualities or expertise in other fields. And I hope for a world where someone doing the same while not being straight doesn't make them even more marginalized.

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