rnd's website logopolitics / политика

This page will contain my more political content, usually about Russian politics, but other countries' issues may be included as well.


Suggested resources

Новая Газета Novaya Gazeta: (Russian) A newspaper known for its investigative reporting

Meduza Meduza: a news website, available in both English and Russian, covering news from Russia and beyond. Recently declared a "foreign agent" on basis of secret evidence, and after losing all of its advertisers, switched to asking for donations from readers.

ОВД-Инфо OVD-Info: (Russian) - monitors people being detained by police at protests and offers help

The Moscow
Times The Moscow Times: an independent English-language newspaper covering news in Moscow and other parts of Russia

proekt.media: proekt.media: an independent resource that specializes in in-depth reports

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