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cool youtube channels

  • Console Wars, cool dudes who compare games. Reminds me of the earlier days of YouTube.
  • decino, a DOOM let's-player also known for making videos on Classic DOOM's mechanics.
  • LoadingReadyRun, Canadian comedians whomst did lots of sketch comedy and still do cool stuff like CheckPoint, Friday Nights and QWERPLINE
  • SNES drunk, does videos on both famous and obscure SNES, Genesis and arcade games
  • Jay Foreman, British funny dude who does "Map Men", "Unfinished London" and "Politics Unboringed".
  • Secret Base, awesome sports nerds
  • Overly Sarcastic Productions, make good videos about history and mythology
  • Stop Skeletons From Fighting, videos on cool and obscure games and peripherals
  • Jim Sterling, regular videos on the state of the games industry
  • TOEI TOKUSATSU WORLD, release lots of old tokusatsu shows on YouTube for free. Some even have English subtitles.

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