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This is a small sort of blog where I (very rarely) post stuff. Mostly small bits of information that i'd like to remember in the future or make public.

  • linux framebuffer palette switching (2021-05-26)

    Just like graphical terminals such as urxvt, the Linux framebuffer has an option to change the built-in palette. Distributions like Ubuntu use it to make the palette look nicer during bootup.

  • cuda debugging notes (2021-05-19)
  • on property (and intellectual property) (2021-05-04)

    So I was thinking: the anarchist view that "property is theft" is definitely at least somewhat true. After all, if society started with the idea that nothing belongs to anybody, that everything is in the commons, then for property to appear, whatever was before it had to be "stolen" from the commons.

    And this is just talking about the most graceful possible example. In case of colonialist expansion, things were often literally stolen, and people literally enslaved, from whichever lands were colonized.

    By that logic, property is quite literally theft. But what about "intellectual property"? After all, there's no limit on what someone can create, right?

  • "coding kitty" website (2021-04-30)
  • irssi tips and tricks (2021-04-20)
  • on international languages (2021-04-19)

    This started off as a comment I wanted to write to an article, but eventually grew into a thing of its own.

  • my impressions from the streets of rage series (2021-04-14)
  • april 9th, 2021 (2021-04-09)

    Health update, part deux.

  • april 8th, 2021 (2021-04-08)

    A small health update, I guess.

  • vim hints (2021-04-07)

    These are some of the useful settings and functions I use when working with vim.

  • transliteration of russian / транслитерация русского языка (2021-04-03)
  • "cvlvl6 fanfic" (2021-03-31)

    Trying to preserve an old page that I had a hard time finding online.

  • cpan (2021-03-23)
  • midnight commander tips (2021-03-17)

    Assorted key combinations that are useful in MC.

  • freetype hinting settings (2021-02-26)

    I have a bunch of FreeType settings that I prefer on my systems, and these differ from the defaults on basically every Linux distro these days.

  • Alpine Linux (2021-01-15)

    This page will host an assortment of tips and tricks collected while using Alpine Linux.

  • toki pona designs for acnh (2021-01-06)

    This is a page listing some of my ACNH posters for movies, games and such that feature sitelen pona writing, along with what they're referring. When multiple titles are given, the option written first is what the translation is taken from (e.g. the Terranigma one is based on the game's Japanese title).

  • trying to do assembly-level debugging in gdb (2020-11-02)

    GDB seems to have been clearly made with source-level debugging in mind, the kind where the source code of the program is available. Sometimes this is not the case, or you just don't want to bother looking for the source code. Here I'll put a bunch of useful commands.

  • Запуск игры Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst при помощи Wine (2020-08-02)

    Время от времени я поигрываю в старую многопользовательскую экшн-РПГ "Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst". Она до сих пор отлично работает на Windows, но чтобы она так же хорошо работала в Wine (через Lutris), нужны дополнительные шаги.

  • Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst on Wine (2020-08-02)

    Occasionally I play the old multiplayer action-RPG "Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst". On Windows, it works fine, but to make it work better on Linux (via Lutris), some extra steps may be needed.

  • шпаргалка для риичи-маджонга (2020-06-15)
  • shell parameter expansion (2020-05-31)

    This is a small cheat sheet to remind me of how parameter expansion works in unix shells.

  • riichi mahjong cheatsheet (2020-05-31)
  • profiling utility hints (2020-05-31)

    Some small hints for profiling utilities used on Linux systems.

  • assorted shell scripts (2020-05-31)

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