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About Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux is a minimalist Linux distro built with musl libc (as opposed to glibc), OpenRC as an init system and busybox as the default set of shell utilities. It is frequently used in Docker containers due to its small size, but it can also make a good workstation distribution, if you are willing to make some sacrifices. (In fact, I use it to run my personal work computers.)

Its package manager, apk, is fast and easy to use, and creating one’s own packages is performed by building from an APKBUILD file very similar to Arch Linux’s PKGBUILDs.

This page will include various information that I found useful regarding this OS.

vim shell

By default, the shell is /bin/ash, which is a hardlink to busybox. Vim’s default shellpipe options don’t account for that, which results in :make and other similar commands missing any text outputted to stderr. Use

set shell=/bin/sh

in your .vimrc to set the shell to /bin/sh and fix that.